What We Do

  • We help service-based professionals, entrepreneurs and companies increase their business by creating customized prospecting programs and specialized training with clearly outlined steps that are easily implemented.
  •  The unique programs offered by SG and Associates are results-driven and supported by ongoing coaching.
  •  What makes us different:  we provide a tailor-made program that delivers superior results.
  • Our structured programs clearly outline what you need to do (that is specific to you and your business) in order to successfully reach your goals. We produce impressive results for our clients!

    Why We Do What We Do

  • We believe that service professionals should spend their time in front of clients – closing a sale.
  • Our expertise allows them to do so because we use a hands-on approach that develops and customizes unique prospecting programs (from start to finish) and specialized training.

This provides:  elevated productivity (efficient use of time), dramatically increased referrals and higher profitability.

Benefits of Coaching and Training

  • Clarify vision and direction of what participant wants to achieve.
  • Strategize their actions so that they can easily implement for optimal results.
  • Upgrade their skills so that they can continue to use them long after they have finished the program.
  • Help master their inner game (limiting beliefs, insecurities, etc.)


For more information on any of our programs, contact us at:   sgandassociates@rogers.com