Welcome to the serve first & sell-to-many academy for mediators
starting july 20th

Become a sought-after Mediator and build a world-class practice.

A 6-month mentorship for Mediators who want to make an impact as a leader in their space, attract their ideal clients and accelerate their income.

Here's why having a highly successful practice may have eluded you...UNTIL NOW.

If you're like most of my clients, you know that growing your Mediation business consistently (without stressing how to figure it out) is possible. You're just not sure if it's possible for YOU.

It's normal to feel that way! Marketing your practice, finding more clients and creating an online presence can be very overwhelming.

I get it. Online marketing is changing so quickly. What worked 6 months ago may not work now.

And so, part of the reluctance you might be experiencing to build awareness of your practice is that there are SO many ways to do it.

And more importantly, you don't want to come across as overly aggressive in your approach. You want to maintain the upmost professionalism.

There is a BETTER, EASIER and MORE AUTHENTIC way to build your brand and help you accelerate your income.

Together, we will help you:

Become a master at creating awareness of your services in a way that resonates with your ideal client and allows you to build instant credibility and trust.

Build and cultivate significant relationships online with prospects and referral partners (even if you have never met them before).

Make a huge impact by securing speaking opportunities (both virtual and in-person) and feel very confident by knowing what to say to capture the attention of your audience, in a way that converts to new clients and possible referral partners.

Generate more interest in your services and book more meetings with qualified prospects without leaving your office.

get expert advice, support and mentorship to build your mediation practice with ease. Starts July 20th!

REAL PEOPLE. REAL RESULTS. Here's what our clients have to say:

“Sylvia Garibaldi is a real gem! In less than 2 months, Sylvia more than doubled my monthly income (for real)!”
Karen G.

“I knew exactly who I would be contacting and meeting (both clients and prospects) each month in order to grow my business. My business grew by 16%!”
Danny L.
“When Sylvia asked me to review my results, I was so surprised to see that I grew my revenue by 800% in 6 months, all while working with her!"
Diane P.
“The weekly coaching accountability helped to build my vision for a new model of my business. I would recommend working with Sylvia as she helps bring much clarity and discipline to what one is trying to accomplish!”
Elaine S.
“I achieved my one year target in seven months. This would not have happened without the guidance of Sylvia’s program.”
Joe P.

“While using one of Sylvia's marketing strategies, I booked almost 60 referral partner meetings, 9 podcast guest appearances and collaborated on numerous joint ventures, in less than 3 months!"
rachael b.

"Sylvia has been a tremendous asset to my practice in my last year working with her. Her systems and techniques have not only been able to help me manage my practice better but also grow it in a manner that has well exceeded my expectations!”
Muizz S.
“After joining Sylvia’s program, I was much more confident in “pitching” an ongoing relationship with my one-time clients and it resulted in converting 2 new clients to become ongoing ones!”
Sandra M.

We've included everything you need to rapidly grow your brand as a Mediator and accelerate your income.

Customized Support Through the Full 6 months

Here’s What’s Included:

Access to the training portal 24/7

Workshop and Virtual Co-Working Sessions

Who Is The Serve First & Sell-to-Many Academy For?

We are looking forward to having you join us inside of The Serve First & Sell-to-Many Academy where the skills that we will be teaching will stay with you for a lifetime! We kick off on July 20th!

get expert advice, support and mentorship to build your mediation practice with ease. Starts July 20Th!

Here's what we will be covering inside of the academy:

- Mindset and habits of successful entrepreneurs.
- Creating a vision and plan for your dream Mediation practice.
- Who do you get the best results for.
- Price, package and position your service.
- Leverage your own social media group to build community and trust.
- Find ideal prospects and referral partners online and convert them into offline meetings.
- Identify best social media platforms where your ideal market hangs out and create compelling content that attracts them to you.
- Create rapport and engagement online.

- Develop messaging that powerfully resonates with your clients and positions you above your competition.
- Find virtual or in-person stages to increase exposure to new audiences.
- Connect with these stages and get yourself booked to speak and deliver your message.
- Understand and apply the 8-step framework for presentations that get results.
- Learn the art of online conversations - what to say and how to build the Direct Message (DM) tree specifically for your business.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR MEmberS of the mediation institute, save $250 U.S.

PAY IN FULL $2,250 U.S. MI Members 

PAY IN FULL $2,500 U.S. Non-Members

(total value: $5,200)


Sylvia Garibaldi, CEO of SG and Associates is a business strategist and speaker who helps serviced-based entrepreneurs and professionals around the world to grow their business to 6 figures and beyond, in a way that is aligned and value-driven.

She is the creator of the Serve First & Sell-to-Many Academy that has helped many of her clients achieve outstanding results.

Over the course of 14 years, Sylvia has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, professionals and firms to grow their business and become leading experts through online and offline marketing and sales strategies.

Sylvia is a featured expert and speaker in leading publications and professional associations across the globe.