How to Get More Prospects to Say

As consultants and service-based entrepreneurs, you have the power to deeply impact and influence the lives and businesses of your clients. How rewarding would it be to serve more clients who are willing and ready to engage in your services?

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During this masterclass, you'll learn:

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    Three strategies that, when used consistently, will open the floodgates to qualified clients who are ready to say ‘yes’ to your services.
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    What you should never say in a prospect meeting.
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    This easy-to-follow, 3-step meeting framework that will get your prospective clients very eager to work with you.
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    The number one mistake that service-based entrepreneurs make that loses them money each time!
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    How to lead a non-salesy conversation that adds value and changes the course of your prospect’s business or life through each sales conversation.

​​Sylvia Garibaldi BA Hons, B. Comm

Sylvia Garibaldi, Founder, SG and Associates is an energetic and passionate Business Coach with over 10 years of experience helping hundreds of high earning service professionals achieve outstanding results in their business. 

As an accomplished coach and business strategist for service-based professionals and experts, Sylvia can get right to the source of the challenge, lay out a rock-solid success strategy and keep her clients on track to reach their goals. By motivating and inspiring clients, Sylvia’s valuable insights also allows them to stand out and become well-known experts in their respective industries.

She is a big advocate of educating and coaching her clients on how to consistently grow one’s business while creating deep and lasting relationships. When combining tested and proven business-building strategies with inner game techniques, Sylvia has helped her clients achieve outstanding results.

She is sought-out by various industries to provide insights and contribute to well-known publications.  She holds both an Honours Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Commerce. Her mission is simple but powerful: to help as many professionals and firms transform their businesses and lives in ways they may not yet have imagined.

Here are what our clients are saying about us:

​Karen G - ​RSW

"​Sylvia Garibaldi is a real gem!!  I have had a business for 19 years, but I knew that I was missing something in terms of better business practices.... that I was not at my full potential of income or service. I was working long hours, longer than I wanted to, was dealing with below ideal client commitment and wasted hours in the office. In less than 2 months, Sylvia more than doubled my monthly income (for real!!). She's a great communicator, asked wise questions, directed my energy into collecting relevant information, and pushed me (just enough) to take educated risks that ultimately lead to this result and my clients are happier too!”

Sandra M - CPA, CGA

"​​I was looking for a proven process to get results when networking and meeting prospective clients. In addition, I struggled with asking for referrals and keeping to my goals of only working with my ideal clients.  After joining the Group Coaching Program, I was much more confident in “pitching” an ongoing relationship with my one-time clients and it resulted in converting 2 new clients to become ongoing ones!”

Jackie P - CFP, Financial Advisor

"​Developing my marketing was a big task, and sometimes it seemed overwhelming. All these ideas were swimming around, and I didn’t know whether they were good and worth pursuing or a waste of time. Then, I began to work with Sylvia Garibaldi, SG and Associates. She helped me create a focused marketing system that has allowed me to increase my assets and surpass my target goals within 6 months of working with Sylvia. I still have 6 months left to go! I would highly recommend Sylvia to anyone who is willing and ready to take their business to the next level."

​​Shirley E - ​Independent Financial Advisor

"​With Sylvia’s expertise, I was able to cross-sell within my book of business and receive referrals from my existing clients. Within 3 months of working with her, I closed 9 new sales! Sylvia has a unique ability to zero in on what’s holding you back from achieving your goals and design a customized plan to support it. Her accomplished coaching skills and extensive knowledge of successful business-building techniques have helped me expand my business beyond what I thought was possible."

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* Please note, you also will be subscribing to our mailing list where you will receive free, ongoing business-building resources and trainings. You may unsubscribe at any time.