4 Proven Ways to Get Prospects to Find You

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I’m sure you do amazing work with your clients.  But, if your clients are the only ones who know what you do, finding new business will feel like a rollercoaster ride!

The reality is that not all satisfied clients will give you referrals to their friends and colleagues.  As a result, clients shouldn’t always be your primary source of new business.   You need to spread the word about what you do through multiple channels.

As a high earning service professional, there are many ways to do this. Here are 4 very effective methods to have prospective clients find you:

1.  Networking

This allows you to make contact with people personally, whether your interaction is in person, on the phone, or online.  Be sure to find places where your ideal target audience and those who are associated with your audience (e.g. Centres of Influence) hang out.  Be very selective with where you network so that you can be sure that you’re using time and resources effectively.  Take time upfront to do your research.

TIP: effective networking produces the cornerstone for a growing business — good relationships and new connections.

2. Speaking

This can be done live, both in person and virtually on webinars or teleseminars. It can also include recording your talk on video or audio. Speaking allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and establish trust and credibility quickly.  

Always deliver content that is important and relevant to your target audience.  If you’re struggling with speaking material, think about your clients’ pain points — what keeps them up at night?  Be sure to focus your talk on identifying pain points and how to resolve them.

An easy way to identify the best places to speak is to reach out to your clients, contacts and acquaintances and ask for their recommendations.  Remember: people are connected to others and might be able to make an introduction.

TIP:  always be your authentic self when presenting.  People want to know the real you.


This can be done in multiple ways — from blogging and article writing to authoring a book or ebook. You can publish your writing on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. You can even submit your articles to magazines, trade journals, newspapers, newsletters, websites and online article directories.

TIP:  whether you’re an accountant, financial advisor, lawyer, mortgage broker or other service professional, be sure to write in plain, simple language and don’t use acronymns (unless you’re explaining them).
You will gain trust and establish credibility faster when people can understand what you mean!

4. Become an Expert to the Media

A great way to become an expert is to get in contact with editors (of the publications that you would like to be recognized in) and pitch your article idea.  

I did this most recently with an online newspaper and they interviewed me for the story.  It was about how lawyers and other high earning service professionals find clients consistently.  Here’s the link.

TIP: when a journalist writes a story about you or interviews you as an expert, you are already ahead of those people who choose advertising. Why? You have literally passed through a gatekeeper (the editor) who has judged that you have something of value for his audience.  Pretty powerful!

If you implement just one of these four ideas, you will have made it much easier for your ideal prospects to find you!

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